A Beer-y Merry Christmas


I guess the upside of me constantly babbling about beer and Instagramming lots of beer pics, is that it makes me REALLY easy to buy for when it comes to the holidays.

My family Secret Santa nailed it with this gigantic Pilsner glass and three very unique Maine beers. I don’t know that I’ll ever endeavor to fill the entire glass in one sitting, as it is equivalent to five normal bottles of beer. It still looks super cool in my kitchen, and well, who am I kidding… if I had some more of my beloved SeaQuench Ale from Dogfish Head in my fridge right now, I’d be tempted to give it a whirl.

Turns out my not-so-secret Santa was my cousin Brad, who is not a beer drinker at all. He told me he went in and asked for some cool Maine beers, and the guy at the liquor store nailed it. The Allagash Interlude was my New Year’s Eve beverage of choice, a nice dark wild ale that was soaked in red wine barrels. I’m not really a red wine drinker and the one previous beer I’d had soaked in a red wine barrel had a heavy Merlot quality I didn’t love. But this was perfect. A bit unusual, but I like that in a beer.

I haven’t broken open either bottle from Maine Beer Company yet, but I’ve had the Mo before and enjoyed it, and I love that it is also the name of my cat. Saving this bottle forever!

IMG_7848My stocking was also filled (by my mom) with cans of beer! She stuffed in a bunch of beer from Rising Tide Brewing (a personal favorite since my high school pals run the joint and the beer is just damned good). Note the surprised look on my face. This is way better than the standard orange in the toe of the sock!

My brother hooked me up with a cool game and an amazing Beer Me shirt, clever with the State of Maine abbreviation being ME. I am actually wearing it now, and it will likely be in popular rotation for quite a while.

IMG_7962Even my work secret Santa hooked me up with beer and beer-related swag! My sweet co-worker Diane also isn’t much of a beer drinker, but went to the liquor store asking for craft beer. I’m so proud that she knew what it was, but it also probably means I talk about beer WAY too much at my job. Anyway, she asked for something from Maine, but down here in NJ that’s not always an easy feat, and when they didn’t have something she picked up a six-pack of the one with the cutest label, a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. That’s exactly how I pick wine when I’m going to a party! She also found this adorable book of fun beer facts.

I love the idea that my cousin, my coworker and my mom all went into unfamiliar aisles in liquor stores looking for something they knew I’d like. It makes me feel so special and loved. It really is the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving.

Hoping that all of you had a wonderful holiday, and wishing everyone out there the best for 2018!




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