One woman’s journey to find great craft beers.

There are a ton of great bloggers out there who do serious beer reviews, and while I will happily give my opinions on the drinks I sample, this isn’t the spot for in-depth analysis about the nitty-gritty details of beers. Instead, you’ll find some (hopefully) interesting and often humorous tales about my beerventures and how I may or may not plan weekends around brewery visits.

About me: My name is Angel Madison. I’m in my mid-40s.   I’m mom to a middle schooler who thinks she’s more responsible than I am (she may be right). And yes, I’m a mom who knows zip, zero, NADA about wine and frankly it makes me really sleepy. I have a super boyfriend who doesn’t mind driving for hours for the promise of a tasty beer (and maybe the occasional snack). I grew up in Maine, but have lived in NJ the bulk of my adult life, which means that a lot of my brewery visits are East Coast-based (though I love any excuse to travel).

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